About Us

A new era of shipping begins with us. We, at Aashi Transglobal Pvt Ltd. aims at providing new ways of dealing with shipping and logistics. Established in 2020, our entrepreneurs, decided to change the world of shipping and logistics by their professional experience of more than 19 years in Shipping and Logistics Field. Our dream is to take the logistics world to a new level where our customer can focus on development of their business by freeing themselves from the processes of logistics. The activities should go with the flow without disturbing the actual focus of our customer whose ultimate job is to expand their business and this is what we aim at.

Our Vision

We aim to smoothen and ease the process of logistics by using faster ways of dealing with the shipments with the help of latest technologies and ERP system.

Our approach is to provide customers a professional platform whereby they can access their complete logistics business on one click and get updates time to time.

Further, during our previous experience, we have noticed that our customers have to keep the track of their logistics activities whereby they are dealing with various vendors. Our vision clearly is to provide freedom from all logistics hassles to our customers.